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Wrist unlocked longevity

blēo rests on your wrist and unlocks the world of longevity science through it’s seamless connection to The Longevity AI – your free longevity coach forever.

blēo is the first wearable to harness the power of AI and refine millions of unique longevity signals into actionable personal guidance. 


Breaking barriers to longevity

At blēo, we believe that everyone has the right to benefit from longevity breakthroughs.

A simple yet powerful mission: longevity must be accessible to all, not only a few.


Your longevity companion

blēo is your conduit to the world of longevity science.

In harmony with The Longevity AI, blēo guides you through millions of personal longevity signals, applying and demystifying the latest research to provide actionable insights – extending your longevity every day. 


Understand your longevity signals

blēo connects directly with The Longevity AI meaning you can easily understand the millions of different longevity signals your body holds.

Easy-to-read and digestible analytics allow you to interact directly with these longevity signals.

blēo gets smarter over time.

Before your blēo arrives by post, download The Longevity AI app on your smartphone to begin training the AI on your longevity signals.

Once blēo is delivered, connecting it is straightforward. Over the following week, The Longevity AI will begin to develop your personalized longevity optimized plan. 

The Longevity AI

What's inside
The Longevity AI?

The Longevity AI is your free longevity coach for life.

blēo advanced sensor technology helps to bring The Longevity AI to life.

You can chat to your AI longevity coach anytime, day or night, about your diet, sleep, supplements, medicines, physical activity and much more.


Discover the power of blēo

Packed with the most advanced sensors and stacked with sophisticated algorithms, with the ease of a >10 day battery, blēo can easily move and sleep alongside you day to day.

blēo tracks and analyzes a complete range of health and longevity signals, providing you with a transparent view of the needs of your body and mind.
STONE ($149) + S&H
blēo ($149) + S&H
ONYX ($149) + S&H

Materials and finish



IP68 Waterproof (Up to 50m)

Size and weight

Height: 41mm

Width: 30mm

Depth: 10.7mm

Weight: 18g


FDA Approved HR/Sp02 Sensor

Body temperature sensor (±0.2°C)


Health and wellness

Multisport activity tracking

Sleep tracking

Stress monitoring

Heart rate tracking

Heart rate variability (HRV) measurements

Respiratory monitoring

Skin temperature tracking

Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) monitoring

Power and battery

90mAh Lithium Battery

Up to 10 days of battery life

Magnetic USB Charger

Workouts and activities

50+ sports modes

Automatic activity recognition

Step counting

Calories burned tracking

Inactivity alerts

Connectivity and compatibility

Bluetooth connectivity

Android & iOS App

Integration with The Longevity AI

Android 5.1 or higher

iOS 9.0 or higher

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